OMG … It works


I have suffered all of my life from a dental phobia, which was so severe that I was unable to visit the dentist until I was in agonising pain. I have recently spent three years avoiding facing the need to have a tooth removed. Given my fear of this procedure my dentist referred me to the Dental Hospital so that I could at least have the procedure done under anaesthetic.  After I had managed to cancel the appointments at the hospital three times I knew that I really needed to get some help, so I booked in with Martyn.

The hypnotherapy was fine, although I cant remember much about it.  All that I know is that I attended the  next scheduled appointment at the hospital and that I felt so relaxed.   When the day came for the extraction I was fine, in fact so fine that the dentist asked me why I was there as I was obviously neither stressed nor phobic about being there or the procedures.

I have since worked with Martyn to heal me with other emotional blocks that were preventing me from living my life fully. Thank You.


I’d tried hypnosis before. I had FIVE sessions 2 or 3 years ago and I was very disappointed; nothing seemed to work. Although I was sceptical, I’d heard Martyn’s approach was different so I booked a session with an open mind. I was astonished & astounded by the results. After just one session I have the most positive outlook I’ve had in my life. Life isn’t always simple and I’m sure I’ll face other challenges and I won’t hesitate contacting Martyn because his hypnosis really works. Seeing is believing, no … experiencing is believing. Thank You.


Ever had a memory of an ex that just kept coming into your mind and dominating your thoughts. This was getting Susan down and after just one session with Martyn she had changed her thought patterns: It was a very positive experience and I left feeling very optimisitic and content. I am definitely more positive about the future and feel that my previous thoughts etc are not so pressing or upsetting.


His voice is just so soothing, you really know you are being hypnotised! and I can hear him in my head now and I can easily relax.


Donna liked chocolate and other stuff that she knew logically was not good for her. After one session she changed:

It actually works !!! – years battling to curb my chocolate and junk diet were starting to take their toll. I had been thinking about hypnotherapy for quite some time. Decided after trying a number of fad diets and slimming tablets with no success that it was worth a try. I only wish I’d done it sooner.