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Fear of Flying 

Hypnosis can help with many phobias. Like any phobia Fear of Flying is just a learned behaviour. And what you can learn you can un-learn – very quickly. A recent client used to dread flying and it was made worse by the fact that her partner enjoyed regular foreign business trips and she could have gone too!  She recently returned from the far east with the message: “I actually enjoyed the flight. Thanks.”

Public Speaking

I read somewhere that fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears around. I recently met up with an old colleague to whom I taught some NLP tricks many years ago. One of the first things she said was “I still use that presentation trick you gave me.” Her problem was about speaking in front of a group of people. It’s a simple “state-management” technique that when combined with hypnosis can literally change your life.

Tics and unwanted behaviours

I had a client recently who thought it very strange when I told her that her facial twitch was “just a behaviour” and again a behaviour she had learned in the past. A twitch is an excellent example of an unconscious behaviour and we used the unconscious to change that behaviour.  When I first saw her she got very anxious about going to family get-togethers because of the embarrassment her twitch caused her.  The last time we spoke, she was ORGANISING her sister’s surprise party.

Interview Preparation

A few years ago when I was still in the corporate world I had to make some redundancies (one of the reasons I left the corporate world) and one chap was visibly shattered. As a supportive and caring boss I helped him prepare a stunning CV and coached him on the best way to present himself in the interview. Although he was lacking confidence and down on himself I taught him some simple techniques. He got the gig and I recently heard from him and he gave me the best compliment ever; “I now teach everyone who’ll listen what you taught me”.


Some people are just not great at relaxing, even resting or switching off. I had a young mum come to see me and with a “terrible two” toddler she was just exhausted. She enjoyed the time she gave herself in the hypnotherapy chair just to relax and recharge. After her first session she opened her eyes, blinked and said “Wow, that felt like 10 hours sleep”.


Talking of sleep … many people don’t get enough. They’ve fallen out of good bedtime habit & routine and are ruining their chances by over-exposing themselves to the dreaded blue screen.

We’re developing a series of audio recordings called Sleep Stories. On the surface soothingly read tales and below the surface laced with hypnotic sugestions to help you sleep.

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Young People

A lot has been talked about young people and mental health and many concerned parents have asked me for help. My standard reply is usually “let me speak to them first” because no matter what the parent thinks … the change always comes from a willing subject.

I’ve much success with adolescents when they’ve chosen to embark on the journey.


A client observed that she was massively surprised by the extent of the change she had made. We worked on her anxiety and in the initial consultation we isolated some very specific things to work on; not least some old guilt. Her email after the session was almost joyous: “… the guilt and bad thoughts are gone … Due to that, I feel so much happier all the time. Magic. What I did not anticipate was how my confidence levels have risen …  it must feel amazing to make such a difference to people as you do.” It does!

Stress is at the heart of most complaints that people present with. We are constantly reliving the past or rehearsing the future (usual with catastrophic outcomes) rather than being in the now. Mindfulness was ahuge buzz-word just a few years ago and like many things it works … if and when we practice it.